Sometimes it can be hard to find something to do on a weeknight that's not too crazy but still can hold your interest for a good night out with friends or a loved one.

I for one thing that Casper has been stepping up as far as the music and live events here in town. Especially with David Street Station having that awesome venue in the summertime.

A few local guys have been making big moves with their new band called Culmination. As they try to bring people closer in our community by finding a common interest through music. They aren't the only ones trying to do this though. They will be teaming up with a band from Los Angeles called The Knowmads who have made a few stops in the cowboy state throughout their years together. Most recently in Jackson Wyoming.

Like I said Casper locals have been waiting for things to do on weeknights and this might be the perfect opportunity for you to check out some local talent next week March 6th at the Gaslight Social right here in Casper!

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