Frontier Communications compiled a map using Google Trends to determine what events were streamed the most for each state.

It's somewhat of an anomaly that the 2017 Solar Eclipse was the most streamed event of the year for the Cowboy State. Considering Wyoming was one of the few states that was in the path of totality and ranked as the 2nd best place to view it in America by the Weather Channel, it seems odd that most people wouldn't just go outside and look up. Even when you take into account acquiring eclipse glasses, many establishments and vendors were giving them away the day of the event.

Frontier Communications also compiled a few interesting facts about the 2017 Solar Eclipse:

  • 215 Million Americans Watched the Solar Eclipse.
  • The solar eclipse was a once-in-a-lifetime event, sometimes occurring once every 100 years in certain locations.
  • 88 percent of American adults watched the eclipse, either in person or online. That’s about twice the number of people who watched the Super Bowl in 2016 and 18 times as large as the Game of Thrones finale.

Counting Wyoming, only five other states shared our affinity for the eclipse.

Favorite Events of 2017 - Map
Alec Sears, Frontier Communications

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