As we all know Wyoming's economy is basically funded by oil. We all have a family member or know someone who is employed by the oil industry especially here in Casper. But do you know who we have to thank for such a lucrative product?

His name is Cyrus Iba. He was just a regular guy from the 1800s who grew up with big dreams of making a lot of money and being remembered as someone who did something great. Before we get into how he became the man of the oil industry here in Casper we should get to know Mr. Iba first. He was actually a gold and mineral minor before he went full oil. Traveling all the way up into northern California and even down to Alaska. He was a very well traveled man.

He never forgot his vision of being a great success and while traveling through the west ended up in what we now know as Midwest Wyoming. This is where Cy made his fortune and also settled his family in the little-known town of Casper.

I wanted to find out more about this man seeing as how he was responsible for building a platform that still keeps us going to this day. So I turned to the man who has all the facts and refuses to let Cy be forgotten, take a look.


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