I consider myself to be fairly intelligent, specifically when it comes to being "book smart". My "common sense" often falters (and we won't even discuss street smarts). My mother had been out of college a couple of years by the time I was born and my grandmother was a teacher, which made her a stickler for grammar. Well, when my mother recently posted an advanced grammar quiz (and got 100%), I had to test myself.


The quiz is short. It's only 25 questions. I will say, your first mind is usually your best mind, so don't second guess your answers.

While I figured I'd do well, I was semi-shocked that I too scored a perfect 100% on the test. Thank you, mother (and grandmother). This was really the highlight of my day. Now I can happily go back to correcting my children's text messages and social media updates.

Perfect score on grammar test
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