A Casper man was arrested Sunday morning after authorities allegedly found marijuana, methamphetamine, alcohol and four  juveniles in his apartment.

Brendan Hoffman was booked into jail on recommended charges of marijuana possession, methamphetamine possession and four counts of child endangerment with methamphetamine.

Charging papers say three officers responded to an apartment at 2540 S. McKinley St. at about 9:30 a.m. Sunday to assist state probation and parole agents who were conducting a home check at a teen's residence.

One of the agents found multiple alcoholic beverage containers and marijuana shake in plain view during the inspection, so Casper police officers were called to assist.

Four juveniles were found in the apartment along with Hoffman; three of them were asleep in a rear bedroom. All the juveniles submitted to a breathalyzer test which indicated they did not have any alcohol in their blood.

Additional marijuana shake was found in the apartment, as were empty beer bottles and other paraphernalia.

Hoffman consented to a search of his duffel bag. Inside, officers found marijuana, methamphetamine and methamphetamine paraphernalia.

The four juveniles were cited for minor in possession of alcohol as well as drug possession. They were all taken into protective custody due to the methamphetamine and lack of adult supervision. The Wyoming Department of Family Services responded and took the juveniles to the Youth Crisis Center.

Hoffman was taken to jail.