A Casper man convicted of sexually assaulting an 80-year-old woman who had dementia last January was sentenced to 10 to 15 years behind bars Wednesday.

Antonio Trujillo pleaded guilty to third-degree sexual assault in August. He was initially charged with first-degree sexual assault and abuse of a vulnerable adult but those charges were dropped as part of a plea agreement that stipulated prosecutors ask for no longer than a 15-year prison sentence.

The victim's granddaughter said in court Wednesday that she and her mother — the victim's daughter — left the house for the day to watch a children's wrestling tournament. When they arrived home, they found Trujillo sitting on a couch without any pants on.

An adult diaper lay nearby on the floor.

Trujillo and the victim's daughter were taking care of the victim. Trujillo had volunteered to watch over the victim for the day.

When the victim's daughter and granddaughter didn't hear from Trujillo later in the day, they expected to arrive home to find Trujillo helping the victim off the floor.

Multiple family members testified that Trujillo found the perfect victim to sexually assault. He'd found someone who would be unable to communicate the "heinous" acts he inflicted

Instead, they found the victim lying in her bed wearing only an adult diaper. A relative said that the victim insisted on going to bed in a night grown. Both the victim and Trujillo's genitals smelled strongly of baby oil.

According to court records, police were called to Wyoming Medical Center on Jan. 20, 2019 to investigate a report that an 80-year-old woman had been sexually abused.

A family member said in court Wednesday that they did not agree with the plea deal that had Trujillo charged with third-degree sexual assault. Initially, he was charged with first-degree sexual assault.

However, Assistant Natrona County District Attorney Kevin Taheri said DNA evidence painted a strong case for sexual contact. Sexual intrusion would be much harder to prove.

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