We have many local photographers here in Casper and even more statewide. Each and every one of them has taken incredible photos and put in hours of work to make them look as good as possible. We do however have one guy who is putting his work, up for a chance to be nationally recognized.

Geoff has submitted a couple of photos to Independantphotographyawards.com and he will be judged with the results being published within the next month and a half. Here's a preview of some of his work and it really is breathtaking.


Geoff is a self-taught photographer and has only gotten better throughout his years in the military. When I saw on his facebook page that he entered his photos I couldn't help but ask him to send over a few of his favorites shots from over the years.

The one above actually got him pretty famous within the army as they picked it up and put it on the cover of Infantry Magazine!

As Geoff and I were talking he just kept telling me story after story about these photos it was hard to keep up with them all. But to get down to the nitty-gritty, he said his whole goal is to humanize these guys as best he can through his photos and show everyone a side of our soldiers that isn't normally seen.

He sent me a ton of photos so I'll just let you browse at your own will and really enjoy these photos.

Thank you, Geoff Cooper! You can find his Instagram by clicking here. 

Geoff Cooper Photography
Geoff Cooper