He's everybody's favorite pint-sized killer doll (That's right - back off, Annabelle) and after 7 movies and 2 seasons of a television series (we're not counting the remake; the less said about that, the better) Charles Lee Ray has even had an entire day named after him!

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That's right- today is National Chucky Day and we are planning to celebrate the only way we know how - by worshiping at the alter of the Lakeshore Strangler.

(Not, like, literally. That's weird).

Child's Play, written by Don Mancini and directed by Tom Holland, was a 1988 movie starring Chris Sarandon, Alex Vincent, Catherine Hicks (the mom from 7th Heaven) and Brad Douriff as the voice of Chucky. Released at the tail end of the 80's slasher movie boom, Child's Play was the perfect mix of creepy, silly, and charming - which is why it launched a bunch of sequels and the television series. It's also currently the only major horror franchise that is still actively set in the same timeline, without reboots or retcons (again, we're not counting the 'Child's Play' remake, but it didn't even feature Chucky).

At some point, throughout the last 35 years somebody decided to give Chucky his very own day, and it just so happens to fall on October 25!

That's according to the National Day Calendar, who wrote that "Horror films often have a crossover interest. Whether an actor, character or element bleeds over into another film, fans love to pick up on the nuances. This time of year, film buffs and Halloween fans meet. This holiday brings them together under one banner of fear, thrills, and trivia."

Granted, we're horror movie fans, but if the National Day Calendar says it's Chucky Day then, by God, it's Chucky Day.

Even the lil guy himself acknowledged the day, taking to Twitter to tell us all that we should be celebrating him.

Luckily, television stations are in on the day as well. SYFY is hosting an all-day Chucky movie marathon today and we can't think of a better way to spend the afternoon than by watching Chucky murder people while cracking wise.

October is made for spooky movie marathons anyway, and October 25 seems like the perfect day to watch all things Chucky. It is his special day, after all.

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