Spooky Season is in full swing and what is Halloween without the movies?

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Whether you're a fan of ghosts and goblins, or witches and werewolves, or slashers and skeletons, Studio City in Casper has all that you need to usher in the Halloween season the right way.

WyoMovies has already released various scary movies this season, including Smile, Barbarian, Halloween Ends, and the independent, unrated, ultra-violent film Terrifier 2.

But they also know that when it comes to Halloween, comfort movies are key.

That's why they're showing various horror movie classics throughout Halloween weekend.

From October 28-31, Studio City is showing classic films that cover the entire horror 'Slasher' genre, as part of their 'Halloween Series.'

On October 28, the theater is showing the original 1980 Friday the 13th film. Don't let the marketing of the film fool you, however. You may think you know who the murderer in this film is, but it may not be who you're thinking of.

There's no doubt who the killer in A Nightmare on Elm Street is, however. Freddy Krueger is the man of your dreams and on October 29, you'll get to see him on the big screen, as Studio City is showing, for the first time in years, the original 1984 classic, A Nightmare on Elm Street. You can see Freddy battle Nancy the night before you see Ash battle an army of the dead.

That's because on October 30, Studio City is showing Army of Darkness, the third film in the Evil Dead trilogy. In this film, Ash Williams travels back to the olden times to do battle with the Medieval Dead.

And finally on October 31, Studio City is showcasing the horrifying, terrifying, truly shocking film...Frozen 2.

Just kidding. What else would it be but the 1978 seminal classic, John Carpenter's Halloween? That's right, Halloween is playing on Halloween and that's one film you do not want to miss.

But, really, you don't want to miss any of them. Halloween isn't Halloween without spooky movies and this is your chance to see these classic scary movies on the big screen. Whether you're there for Freddy, Jason (it won't be Jason), Michael Myers or Ash, there's something for everybody at the movies this Halloween weekend.

So lock your doors. Bolt your windows. Buy some popcorn and experience Halloween the way it's meant to be experienced - in a dark theater, surrounded by fellow horror movie fanatics.

Tickets for the Scare-a-thon can be purchased at the WyoMovies website.

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