Finding affordable homes to buy in and around Casper can be a challenge. But, the cheapest home currently available for sale costs less than most new trucks.

My wife watches HGTV a lot and probably wishes I was a Property Brother. Truth is I am more like Chip Gaines on Fixer Upper without the fixer upper skills. Because of this, I tend to browse Zillow and real estate sites often to see what's out there.

The market changes fast, but as of a couple days ago, this is the least expensive home available according to Zillow. The address is 13 Cacti Place in Casper. It's a 3-bed, 2-bath home that has just over 1,200 square feet in space. The asking price is $23,000 which is amazing considering that this small home seems to have quite a bit of personality.

According to the Zillow description, it comes with a refrigerator plus a washer and dryer. Not bad.

Considering how rent is in Casper, you could do a lot worse than a home like this. Check out the full Zillow listing for more details.

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