Not everyone made it to the end of the Oregon trail. Many died. The conservative estimates are that around 5% parishes. There were an estimated 300,000 pioneers that traveled the road which means approximately 15,000 were buried along the trail side.

The state of Wyoming has records of those that are known. Some of the names on this list include family history and how they died.

While some graves are on private property others are locate in areas where a curious explorer can find them and pay their respects.

The Oregon Trail was a 2,000 plus miles long from Missouri to Oregon and California. At the time it was was the only way to get across the mountains.

The trail did not begin as a settlers trail. First it was a series of trails used by fur traders and Indians. The first large-scale migration began in 1843, when a wagon trail of more than 800 people with 120 wagons and 5,000 cattle made the journey. It took them five months.

This video show you the history, and a few of the graves along the way, here in Wyoming.

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