Wyoming is the least populous state in the nation. We believe it is a quality versus quality situation. I recently made the trip to Park Meadows mall in Denver on Black Friday. The amount of people was maddening. It was a reminder of why I love Wyoming.

I started to wonder, how does the population of Wyoming compare to other places? We did the math (so you don't have to) and put this list that gives us a big perspective on Wyoming's small population.


The current population of Wyoming is almost equal to the number of people who traveled on the Oregon Trail.

The entire population of Casper, Mills, and Evansville could watch a Broncos game in the Mile High Stadium, and it wouldn't be a sell out crowd.

Everyone in Cheyenne, Laramie, and Casper could easily watch the Indianapolis 500, and they could bring a friend. In 2017, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway held an estimated 350,000 people for the race.

On average, in June more people visit Yellowstone National Park then the number of people who live in Wyoming.

If we compare Manhattan to Casper, there is 1 person in Casper to 34 people in Manhattan. So imagine there are 34 people for every person in the room with you now.

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