The Casper Police Department has released, video of the shootout Sunday between Casper police officers and 38-year-old David Wolosin.

The shooting left Wolosin dead and Casper officer Jacob Carlson in critical condition in the hospital. Police report Carlson was shot 5 times.

Chief of Police Keith McPheeters told reporters during a 3 p.m. Wednesday news conference that Carlson was undergoing an extensive surgery, which was expected to last six hours.

McPheeters also identified the other officer involved in Sunday's incident: Randi Garrett, a two-year veteran of the department. Garrett was the first officer to contact Wolosin regarding a vehicle complaint that was reported to police.

McPheeters told reporters on Wednesday that he believed a three-year-old child was driving a white sedan, with Wolosin in the passenger seat, when Garrett arrived at the dirt lot near Fairdale Park shortly after 1:30 p.m. Sunday.

The first video is from a dash cam mounted in a police vehicle.


The second video was taken by a person living across the street from the vacant lot where the incident took place. It is frankly difficult to watch, and we caution that it does include the final moments of the exchange of gunfire that killed Wolosin.


Below is video of McPheeters addressing reporters during Wednesday's news conference at the Casper Police Department. In the video, he gives his perception of the events that unfolded on Sunday and praises the officers for their actions during the shooting.

“What you’re going to get from me today is strictly my personal opinion based on the limited information at this time,” “It’s not meant to be a definitive conclusion as to any facts or evidence or the status of any investigation. This is just a preliminary summary of the information that I have available to me.”

McPheeters directed questions regarding the investigation itself to the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation.

“It is my preliminary opinion that the suspect, for reasons known only to himself, willfully attacked our police officers – without warning, without provocation. It is also my opinion that Officer Carlson distinguished himself with valor and bravery in the face of evil, and I could not be any more proud of his demonstrated tenacity and his strength of will.”

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