This week we marked another Holocaust Remembrance Day, and to that end, Casper College hosted a series of lectures on various aspects of that horrific time.

Among the speakers this week is Inge Auerbacher. Inge was born in 1934, the year after Hitler came to power. Her father was a decorated and disabled veteran of WWI, and yet, he and the rest of her family were rounded up and sent to concentration camps.

For him, that meant one of the most notorious of the death camps, Dachau in upper Bavaria, though he ultimately was released and survived the war.

Inge was sent to Terezin in Czechoslovakia.

Miraculously her immediate family survived, but she lost 20 family members in the camps.

Later, she emigrated to the United States, and after college became a chemist.

She now travels the country telling her story so that we never forget.

She will tell her story of courage and survival at Natrona County High School's auditorium from 2-4 p.m. on Saturday.


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