Living near Yellowstone National Park, Wyomingites love to hate on "tourons" (a combination of the word tourist and moron.) That's what makes this clip so spectacular. The lead character of the Paramount Network show "Yellowstone" is John Dutton. Played by Kevin Costner, he deals with a group of tourist in a way most of us wish we could. This could be one of the most priceless moments of truth on television.

In the scene, ranch owner John Dutton is driving past one of his fields. He sees a group of tourists dangerously close to a bear taking photos. He rushes on to the field confronting the tourons with a rifle in hand. The group arrogantly ignores the advice that they are in danger - "It seems friendly," the tour guide says.

Dutton advises them that they are trespassing on his land which the group continues to ignore. They argue one man shouldn't own so much land that he should share it. Then Dutton fires a shot off into the air and the group scatters. He says "This is America. We don't share land here."

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