If someone from Wyoming went to South Carolina they might hear people asking them, "You ain't from 'round hea is ya?" Translated into Wyoming speak that would be, "Where the heck you from?"

People from the South and people from the West are both country folk. We have a lot in common. We should not let language get in the way. To help bridge the gap here are a few simple translations to get you started.


Ya'll = You Guys

Ya'll's = Yourguys's

All Ya'll's - All youguys's

That's a good starter now lets try some phrases.

"I ain't got none no how." = "I got nuten."

"The hell you say." = "Not just no but HELL NO!"

"Man Up." = "Cowboy up!"

"All sizzle no steak." = "Big hat no cattle."

From here you can tell we are actually all saying the same thing. We just have our own way of saying it.

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