The internet is claiming that people in Wyoming are more stressed than the citizens of Colorado. The internet is wrong and I'll prove it.

Before I go off explain my position, look at the map that the kind folks at Wallet Hub just shared. This is part of their most and least stressed states for 2019.

Source: WalletHub

In case you can't tell by looking, the higher the number your state is on this chart, the less stressed you are. According to them, Wyoming is #31 and Colorado is #38. Like I said, they're saying we're more stressed than our Colorado brothers and sisters.

Now, let me tell you why they're wrong. Before I do that, look at Wallet Hub's reasons. They have a fairly complicated methodology that includes work-related, health, financial and family-related stress. That's all fine and dandy, but the reason they're wrong isn't hard to figure out.

What stresses you out? For me, it's having a lot of people around. If you just base stress on that, Wyoming beats Colorado by a country mile. According to World Population Review, Colorado has 55 people per square mile. How many people does Wyoming have per square mile? Give yourself a cookie if you said 6. That's right. SIX PEOPLE PER SQUARE MILE IN STRESS-FREE WYOMING.

Wallet Hub is smart about a lot of things, but when it comes to stress they got it completely wrong. Now, relax and go outside and smile when you don't have a zillion people to deal with.

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