It's a rare thing to actually capture a video of an avalanche as it happens. It's yet another to end up being in the avalanche which is what happened a couple of days ago in Colorado.

According to the YouTube description, this avalanche happened April 1 in Colorado. The video doesn't give the exact location, but I have narrowed it down to a few possible locations.

The Colorado Avalanche Center documents the avalanche events that happen around the state and there are only 3 listed for April 1. Two were in the Gunnison area and the other was in the Southern San Juan Mountains. This area looks more like the Gunnison area to me, but it's hard to tell.

I will add that the photographer is braver than me. He keeps the camera perfectly still as this mammoth avalanche is hurtling down the mountain when I would have been high-tailing to the nearest shelter.

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