If you're looking for the ultimate weekend getaway from Casper, the internet thinks it knows the answer. According to a new list, your weekend plans at some point should lead you to Bozeman, Montana.

My wife, kids and I are completely swamped during the week. Between work and school, the weekends are the only option for a real adventure. Thrillist just shared a "Best Small Cities in America to Visit for a Weekend" and #1 on their list is Bozeman.

It seems like Thrillist is smitten by the hipness of Bozeman. Can't say that I blame them. It's a gorgeous city and the fact that it's the home of Montana State University means there's always something going on. The only alarming thing they mention is they envision Bozeman becoming the next Boulder. Please, no. I like Bozeman just the way it is.

I also can't argue with the fact that Bozeman is a very reasonable trip of just under 6 hours as long as you travel during the summer and not February.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Thrillist list is an entertaining read. Of all their recommendations, most aren't an easy weekend getaway except for our Bozeman friends. Many will likely be pleased that they didn't recommend that anyone come here.

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