It's impossible to do enough for the families of our fighting men and women who have paid the ultimate price. There's a Wyoming getaway that helped widows and kids of our special forces soldiers that were killed in action.

It's called Operation Artemis. Here's video of an event they held at Wyoming's Double Eagle Ranch.

Operation Artemis from Arvada Creative on Vimeo.

The mission statement of Operation Artemis is simple yet profound.

Operation Artemis is a not-for-profit dedicated to offering life enhancing event experiences to Special Operations Soldiers and the families of Special Operations Soldiers who were KIA or WIA.

Their concept is the special forces men and women that are no longer with us would be teaching their families these life skills if they were still around. Operation Artemis attempts to help fill that void for a short time and give these families an escape from their sometimes difficult real world.

The Double Eagle Ranch is located in extreme southwest Wyoming near the Idaho border north of Afton. For more info, you can contact Operation Artemis through their official website.

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