Outside of Rock Springs, a rock formation jets up from the otherwise flat desert. It was a landmark for settlers and natives for centuries. Now hikers, off-roaders, and bicyclists use it as a reference point. Formed from an extinct volcano, the Boars Tusk can be seen from miles around.

TripAdvisor.com had some excellent feedback if you plan on visiting Boars Tusk. First off bring water and sunscreen as you are in a desert. It is Wyoming, so be prepared for the weather to do anything. You don't have to drive all the way to see the formation, but a lot of people recommend to bring ATVs if you want to get up close to the igneous rock formation. There is a hiking trail, so hiking is always an option (again don't forget the water). One reviewer said to budget 2 hours for a visit.

Also in the area are the White Mountain Petroglyphs and the Killpecker Sand Dunes. Plan you trip accordingly and you could have a fun weekend in the desert.




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