Some of you may recall how I shared a few weeks ago that I was headed across The Pond to take a trip that I had dreamed about for decades.

And while I've been able to call Drew, and have shared tons of details about my trip on my social media, we've had several listeners ask for more here they are.

The first week of my British Holiday was jam-packed, I feel like we squished two weeks of fun into our 7 days.

The first week of the trip was spent with two of my High School besties. We travel together almost yearly, but usually only for long weekends. This was our first trip overseas together, and oh my was absolutely amazing.

We have all been to London before and we were going to be in London for the Queen's Jubilee so both of those facts resulted in lots of fun experiences that were new for all of us.

Take a look at our first week, and if you have any questions about where we went or our experiences you can message us through the My Country 95.5 App.

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You can also take a deeper dive (including videos of all our adventures) by following me on Facebook or Instagram.

Prairie Wife's British Holiday: The First Week

The first week of my British Holiday was spent running all over England and celebrating the Queen's Jubilee. We spent time in London, Oxford, Bath, and then off to Epsom Downs for the Cukoo Derby.

One of the things I shared on air was that we were able to see the Dutchess Kate up close as they drove past our Uber. Below is a video of that special moment...excuse the screaming lol.

@prairiewife Completely unexpected thrill…Traffic after the #jubilee #troopingthecolour was suddenly stopped and #duchesskate and the children drove past our car! #yeswescreamed #britishholiday #shewaslaughingwiththekids #videodoesntdoitjustice #wellthatwasexciting #theroyals #prairiewifesbritishholiday ♬ original sound -

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