A snowboarder in Utah recently had a close call when they suddenly realized an avalanche was happening underneath their feat. A video shows how a rock face may have saved his life.

According to the video description, this occurred in the mountains above Salt Lake City.

Here's how they described what happened:

I was snowboarding down this couloir in the Utah backcountry. I had suspicions that the slope might give way, so I approached it on high alert. I saw the slope fracture 200 feet in front of me and was able to grab ahold of the rocks to keep myself in place. After it all settled out, I continued down to the bottom.

The Wasatch Range is known for being an avalanche danger this time of year. If you look at the Utah Avalanche Center, you'll notice they documented a slide that happened a couple weeks ago. This video may be from that event.

a recent avalanche in Utah that even pushed a SUV off the roadKSL
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