Do not adjust your TV sets when watching the NCAA Tournament -- the colors are supposed to look like that.

Just in time for the 2013 NCAA Tournament, Adidas has unveiled new uniforms for Cincinnati, Kansas, Notre Dame, Baylor, UCLA and Louisville. The verdict? Put on your sunglasses because, man, these threads are brighter than the entire cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ If there's a power outage during any of their games, no one will have to worry about finding the players, since they'll glow in the dark.

In addition to a range of colors that look like they were developed in the Chernobyl aftermath, the shorts come in the Zubaz style that made the ‘90s just so darned magical. Actually, if you look at them long and close enough, you may see a hidden image of the Statue of Liberty.

Baylor (which rode its neon greens to the Elite 8 last season) joins Louisville and UCLA as schools with sleeves, a questionable look that the Golden State Warriors recently tried to make cool.