Wyoming isn't home to many serial killers, but over its history, some monsters have left their mark on the state. This particular killer was intelligent, suave, and very deadly.

Rodney Alcala, or the "Dating Game Killer,"  is one of the most prolific serial killers in the United States. When reading about him, one can see the incarnation of pure evil. The total number of souls he took is unknown but is estimated to be up to 130 people. According to 48 Hours, he roamed the country hunting, photographing, torturing, and killing young women. One of those souls was Christine Ruth Thornton and her unborn child.

In 1982, Wyoming police discovered a body of an unknown woman outside of Granger. It became a cold case that wasn't solved until 2012. With DNA testing, Wyoming detectives and the FBI were able to link the murder to Alcala.

Christina Thorton was on a road trip with her boyfriend in 1977. The couple had an argument in Green River and parted ways. It was then when she crossed paths with a monster. Christina met a young and charismatic photographer, Rodney Alcala.

It took nearly 40 years until the family found out what happened to Christina. Back in 2010, the FBI released the photographs from  Alcala's collection in an attempt to find other victim's identities. Christina's sister, Kathy, found a photo of Christina on a motorcycle somewhere on the plains of Wyoming. It is probably one of the last moments of Christina's life.

Due to health reasons, Alcala was not extradited to Wyoming. Presently, the Dating Game Killer waits for his execution at California’s Corcoran State Prison while slipping into dementia. The detectives were content knowing that Alcala would never be free to harm anyone again. And hopefully, their work would provide some closure.

The story continues knowing that there are most likely more unidentified victims. The following photos are from Alcala's collection. If you have any information about these women, please call 1-800-577-TIPS.

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