Have you ever heard of Chagas disease? It's the kissing bug and you'll want to read this before you kiss your friend in Colorado.

The Centers for Disease Control just released an updated map on where Chagas disease has been reported. Notice that our neighbors to the south are in that blue part.


The CDC describes these bugs like this:

Triatomine bugs (also called “kissing bugs”, cone-nosed bugs, and blood suckers) can live indoors, in cracks and holes of substandard housing, or in a variety of outdoor settings

The parasite is found in the poop of these bugs and the disease is a very serious thing. The CDC website says that it's a particular danger to infants and if untreated can be a lifelong problem. That's no laughing matter.

As much as we'd like to chuckle at the idea of our Colorado friends being quarantined, this is really a disease you need to be informed about. It's been reported in Utah and Colorado both which means it's close enough for those of us in Wyoming to be concerned.

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