If you're looking for an excuse to make golf plans, science is now on your side. There's a new claim that golfers may have half the risk of premature death.

I found this story on the Daily Mail. It's based on a pretty extensive study by the University of Missouri of nearly 6,000 people tracking the health habits over a decade. The results are startling. Golfers (both men and women) in their study experienced half the risk of premature death. For the record, the reports say that two-thirds of the golfers were women.

CNN also reported on this story and laid out some reasons why golf is so healthy. For one, golfers tend to relieve stress when they're out on the course. (unless you golf like me) Golf is also very often a social experience which benefits mental health. It's also a sport that can be enjoyed into old age.

It appears that it's not the physical actions in golf that benefit in as much as it's a relaxing exercise that people seem more motivated to do long after other sports are no longer an option.

I unfortunately lost my golf clubs in a move many years ago, but I promise to now watch Caddyshack a few more times to see if that helps my health. I'll let you know.

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