The universe is a truly amazing place. It is so vast and seemingly unending. Ever since the dawn of mankind, humans have been looking to the sky. It is in our myths and sometimes our superstitions. The stars guided ships across the sea. The energy from the sun gives us light, heat, and life.

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While capturing images of the sun, astrophotographer Chuck Ayoub recorded some solar activity that resembles a treasured Wyoming monument. That's right this giant swarming cloud of flaming gas looks like Devils Tower.

Ayoub wrote on Reddit that these images were taken over a 50 minute period from his own back yard. With his specialized telescope and camera, he blended some 90 plus images into this one animation. He couldn't help but notice the similarity in shape to Devils Tower.

Chuck Ayoub has had his photographs featured in Astronomy Magazine and NASA's Image of the day. The images he captures are absolutely amazing. Visit his Instagram page to see some of his other otherworldy photos and videos.

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