What can you see on a single tank of gas in Wyoming? Living in Casper, historical places, geologic formations, and other roadside attractions surround us. All you have to do is get in your car and go. For this One Tank Road Trip, we visit Sinks Canyon State Park.

What will you find there? Notable Geologic Formations, Hiking, Fishing, Climbing, Natural Waterslide, Amazing Woming Landscapes, and Wildlife.

Nestled in the southern Wind River Mountains, the Popo Agie River "Sinks" beneath the earth only to "Rise" again a quarter mile downstream. The exact path is unknown, but the water flows naturally through the limestone deposits. You can walk up to the cavern known as the Sinks where the Popo Agie descends into the ground. Then downstream you can see where the river reemerges at the "Rise."

Bill Schwamle, Townsquare Meida
Bill Schwamle, Townsquare Media

At the Sinks, you can walk up to the cavern. It is nice cool spot out of the sun. There is also a visitors center. You can stop in for snacks or tourist trinkets. Don't forget to talk with the staff, as they know the area better than most.

A short walk (or drive) down the road, is the Rise of The Sinks. There is a boardwalk platform that gives you a birds-eye view of the Rise. Large trout feed in the water that pools below. Kids (from ages 1 to 99) can feed the fish using coin-turned fish food dispensers. So brings some quarters.

Besides the Sinks and Rise of the Popo Agie, there are other attractions in the area. There are hikes filled with scenic views of the rugged canyon. If you have a keen eye, wildlife are always around. There are areas for climbers. Bring your fishing pole, because you have a few places to throw a line.

You should bring a swimsuit if you want to take a ride on a natural water slide. From the Sinks parking lot, follow the trail upstream until the trail ends. The path will go over a bridge and take you West. Keep hiking until you reach this natural water park created by mother nature.

If you are in need of some culinary delights, the town of Lander has some good options for foodies. TripAdvisor.com's top five restaurants in Lander are the Cowfish, Middle Fork, Gannett Grill, the Lander Bar, or the Thai Chef.

Sinks Canyon Lander, WY

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