Casper has some fantastic restaurants to choose from when it comes to places to eat. Some are nationally know franchise names and some are local shops that are mom and pop owned, but we really do have some fantastic menu choices around town.

Having lived in Casper for 8 years now, I've lived on the East side in Centennial Hills.  In Central Casper in the McKinley-Beverly area and now I live on the West Side of town near the Fairgrounds.

Over the last 8+ year's I've tried to experience as many different restaurants as possible, especially those a little closer to home, yet I don't mind driving across town especially when it comes to finding some great grub or taking care of that craving.

While I know that there are a lot of great choices when it comes to places to eat around town, but these are the places that I've dined at most often over the past few years.

Silver Fox Steakhouse - I've tried steaks at many different restaurants around town, but if pressed for only one place that I prefer for a special occasion or nice sit down dinner, this is the place!  The food and the service are outstanding!

Jersey Mike's - A chain restaurant with local owners and man are their sandwiches tasty!!  Might I recommend one of my favorites (that's not on the regular menu)? Try a #99! It's a combination of their #55 and the #44... Delicious!!

Wonderful House - This has been a staple for me since moving to Casper and I order food 'To Go' from their on a regular basis.  I love Chinese food and have tried many different restaurants across Casper.  This is the one I choose most often and feel as though i get a ton of food from my money and I love their cuisine!

Black Gold Grille - A  quiet family owned and run restaurant that is hard to find, but worth the trip. BGG offers a great variety to menu items so there is something for everyone.  And with rotating specials each day, many are often 'All You Can Eat', you'll never leave their hungry!

The Branding Iron - Locally owned and operated and newly opened in the heart of the Yellowstone District downtown.  The Branding Iron offers a variety of great flavors and are open late, which is when you'll usually find me there. From the Caprese Chicken sandwich to the Durango Burger, the food at the Branding Iron is full of unique flavors you won't find anywhere else in Casper and each are delicious! If you go, be sure to try their poutine appetizer (cheese curds and french fries smothered in gravy) and save room for a milk shake (ask for it with pudding on top instead of whipped cream, trust me!) The milkshakes are a meal in themselves and can easily be shared.

Writing this has made me really hungry, so I guess I'll go grab a bite to eat!  Hope you enjoy!!


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