I'm like most people who absolutely love their coffee/caffeine. Without it, you see a side of me that I wouldn't recognize in 100 years. I'm sure I'm not the only person like this.

Good news for all of us who can't go a day without our coffee is that science is actually on our side saying that it's actually good for our skin, possibly better than H20! (However, I still enjoy my water. Just not as much as coffee.)

Google and CreditDonkey.com have broken down the numbers for us as far as how much coffee women drink and how much men drink every single day. Which probably explains why the women are so darn good looking in Wyoming!

If you are worried about getting older and losing your love for coffee, I actually have some good news for you on that because here in the U.S. our older citizens actually drink more coffee than our working class and our youth. Just not in the quantity that most of us do.

Go check out CreditDonkey.com to find their 23 "Jolting" facts about coffee!

Oh, and stay looking young by having that extra cup, you deserve it.


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