Most Wyomingites are used to people saying dumb things about our state. They think we ride horses to work. Some people think our state is a government conspiracy, but when a major news outlet can't correctly identify where Yellowstone is, we take notice.

Do you notice anything strange about this photo? Yes, the first National Park is big but not that big. It does reach a little into Montana and Idaho, but it doesn't touch Utah at all. Did the reporters or producers even use Google maps? If they did, they would find a slightly different shape and location.

Sadly this isn't the first time someone from a national news brand couldn't find Wyoming. Back in 2016, the Boston Globe mislabeled a map identifying Colorado as Wyoming. The story was, of course, about legalizing marijuana. Add another map to the potboiler when USA Today did the same thing implying other states get there Colorado weed from Wyoming.

Time and time again people prove that no one knows where Wyoming really is. Maybe that is a good thing. Just maybe it will keep the riff-raff out. Well, somehow the tourons find the state no matter what and get gored by a bison.

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