According to Wyoming Meteorologist Don Day of, the worst of Wyoming winter happens near the end of the season.

While we have had our share of snow and high winds this winter, lets remember that it was an April snow, back in 2015, that caused the worst highway pileup in Wyoming history.

As many as 70 vehicles slid off the highway and into each other as 10 inches of snow came down in one blizzard.

A long 150-mile-long stretch of Interstate 80 between Cheyenne and Rawlins was closed as the mess was untangled.

The state Highway Patrol estimated that about 50 commercial vehicles and 20 passenger vehicles were involved.

Lucky, no one was killed. Many were injured but nothing was severe.

Please keep in mind that as we move closer to spring the chances of big storms traditionally increase as does the work load for our first responders.


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