There are some areas in Wyoming where time stopped. The hills and mountains lay untouched by human development of strip malls and coffee houses. Some places are kept just the way they were like the Kendrick Mansion.

Today the Wyoming State Parks Service maintains the Kendrick Mansion otherwise known as Trail End State Historic Site. The site looks the say way it did back in the 1900s. According to the brochure from Trail End, this building uses a Flemish Revival style of architecture. That style typically uses red stonework, ornate gables, and steep roofs. This mansion is one of the only buildings of that style in Wyoming.

It wasn't a cheap project to build. The designers brought in materials that were the hight of luxury. They brought in supplies from all over the U.S. including Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Maine, and New York.

The extravagances don't stop there. The fireplace in the dining room was imported from Itillay. The sink fixtures were brought from Germany. The place is adorned with Persian rugs, silk wall coverings, and mahogany woodwork. The house is even equipped with an elevator.

Upstairs is an opulent ballroom with towering vaulted ceilings with exposed rafters. In the corner, there is a balcony built for the band or performers. One can only imagine the lavish parties that happened here during the World War One era.

The mansion has been called Sheridan's "Castle on the Hill." The outside is just as posh as inside. The gardens are full of varieties of trees, bushes, and flowers. There is a sunken rose garden that in the summer is lush with life.

It is not uncommon for the Autobon society to be on the grounds looking for birds. The gardens are a splendid choice for events or weddings. The site is also home to the Carnegie House Theater. The Sheridan Civic Theater Guild perform plays seasonally at the there. Although the mansion may look like it did back in the early 1900s, it is still a notable place today.


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