Often times we get so caught up in our own lives that we can't see past our own problems to be able to help those who often times need that help the most.

I was looking through my Facebook memories and found a video that seems right for this time of year and something we should keep on the forefront of our minds throughout the year. Kids not having things to eat in their homes and going to sleep hungry is such a heartbreaking thing to hear. But it's more devastating to hear it come straight from the kids themselves.

This is not only a problem in Casper or the state of Wyoming, but this is also a problem nationwide. We do our best to help out in our community with the help of the Wyoming Food For Thought Project, Joshua's storehouse, and the Wyoming rescue mission. Along with several others but our community is what can make a difference between a child who has a full stomach and one who does not.

I for one am grateful that we live in a community that does so much to help where they can. I encourage you this holiday season to think of others who may not have what you have and lend a helping hand where you can.

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