UPDATE: 3:45 PM - Testimony continued Wednesday afternoon in the sexual assault trial of Casper businessman Tony Cercy. The first witness was a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner from Wyoming Medical Center.

She outlined the procedure used to examine possible assault victims during questioning by defense attorney Pamela Mackey and Natrona County District Attorney Mike Blonigen

The alleged victim in this case arrived at 10:40 a.m., Wednesday, June 28, and when offered the choice, opted to have the results reported to the police.

The victim interview and exam can take up to 5 hours, and includes swabs and samples and a complete head to toe examination, the nurse said.

The young woman told her version of events to the nurse, and samples were taken.

The nurse said she noticed bruising and abrasions on the girl’s legs at the time. Mackey asked, and the nurse admitted, that it is impossible to determine how they got there or precisely how old they are.

They took DNA evidence and sealed it in separate envelopes for testing, but she herself does not conduct the tests.

Detective John Hatcher of the Casper Police Department was called to the stand.

He does not know Tony Cercy personally, but was with a group of people who ended up at the Cercy party that afternoon. He told Blonigen about the general scene at the house and the location of all the people in the room.


Earlier Wednesday, the alleged victim, now 21, again took the stand on the third day of the scheduled six-day trial presided over by Natrona County District Court Judge Daniel Forgey.

Cercy is charged with one count of first-degree sexual assault (rape), one count of second-degree and one count of third degree sexual assault on the 20-year-old woman. If convicted on all counts, he faces between seven and 85 years of imprisonment.

The sexual assault trial continued this morning, with the alleged victim back on the witness stand.

Mackey asked her about the aftermath of the alleged assault at the Cercy home near Alcova Lake on June 25, and what happened in talking with her friends. She also asked why she didn’t call authorities or go to the hospital to have a rape examination performed.

The young woman said many of her friends did encourage her to report the incident to the authorities, including her boyfriend.

He had returned to Alcova after seeing her texts and phone calls that Sunday morning. The alleged victim said she had, in the meantime, been searching the internet for information on the time limit to have a rape kit performed before it is no longer of any use.

The young woman answered most of Mackey’s questions with a simple yes or no. Mackey kept asking why she talked to others but not her parents. It turns out, they were vacationing in Belize that weekend.

Blonigen asked her about the friends she cited during her testimony. Many of them, she said, have had little to no contact with her since the incident went public.

The young woman was excused then, and reminded that she is still under subpoena.

Blonigen then called the alleged victim’s father to the stand. The father said they returned from Belize on Monday, June 26, but he didn’t recall if he called his daughter as he had to return to work on Tuesday.

But early Wednesday morning, he said his wife received a text from a friend about something that might have happened to his daughter over the weekend. The father said this message, “Put us in a bit of a panic.”

He called his daughter at her place of employment about 9 a.m., but she didn't return his call, he said.

He tried to reach her boyfriend, also with no answer.

Meanwhile, his wife called the person who had sent the message, he said.

And the father called an associate of Tony Cercy to ask, “What the hell happened to my daughter this weekend?” That person did not know.

About 9:30 a.m., he went to his daughter's place of employment on the east side, called her outside, and after ten minutes she emerged, crying. He said he asked her what happened, and she described the alleged incident, and said, “I don’t know what else he did to me. I woke up to him…(performing oral sex).”

At that point the young woman received a call from Tony Cercy, according to the father.

Cercy said he wanted to get straight what happened over the weekend. The father said he took the phone away and told Cercy not to call again and that they would “deal with this in another manner.”

Blonigen then called the alleged victim's former boyfriend to testify.

He said he and she went to Alcova Friday night. He went to Casper the next morning for a golf tournament and decided to return to Alcova that evening. He saw her in a vehicle passing the other way, turned around, and followed them to a friend's trailer. He made a joke about the large sweatshirt she was wearing and in anger she threw a beer bottle at him, he said.

She and other friends were going to Cercy's place. He drove some of her friends, but not her, to Cercy's place where 20 to 25 people were on a deck. He hung around for about 10 minutes and talked to a friend about how angry he was over her intoxication, then drove back to Casper.

He woke up the next morning and saw the numerous phone messages from her starting after 3 a.m., was finally able to contact her and he returned to her parents' lake cabin.

"She was a wreck," he said.

They discussed what happened, including her account that Cercy threatened to kill her.

He repeatedly told her she needed to report the incident to the authorities, but she refused in part because she was scared of Cercy and didn't want to hurt him.

They and others went to their cabin's boat dock, and Cercy and his wife arrived at a nearby dock at their boat.

The Cercys didn't get out of their boat, but waved at the glowering boyfriend as he and her friends drove away in their boat. The trial resumes this afternoon.

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