It's a process several years in the making, but two of Townsquare Media Casper's AM stations, K2 Radio (KTWO 1030 AM) and The Cowboy (KKTL 1400 AM), are now available for listeners on both AM and FM stations.

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Ian Delap, Director of Content for Townsquare Media Casper said while the two stations have been on AM band for a long time, the addition of FM will allow both stations to reach a wider audience.

"With the AM band becoming less accessible, we are beyond thrilled to showcase our AM brands K2 Radio and The Cowboy on the FM dial," Delap said. "It is our mission to always be where our audience is, and this is another step toward that goal. You will notice a big difference in sound quality on the FM signal compared to the AM."

Tom McCarthy, President of Townsquare Media Casper, said the change has been a long time coming and has been requested by listeners.

"In the last couple of months, I had someone in the lobby for a completely unrelated manner, and he said 'hey, you guys are The Cowboy, right, classic country,' and I said yeah, absolutely," McCarthy said. "And he said you know it would be great if I could pick that up on FM, and I said I've got some great news for you. So it absolutely, particularly for those who already listen to those radio stations, this is something that has literally been asked for, for quite some time. Our ability to fulfill that request and see all the benefits to the community, and to us as a business, of course, is icing on the cake."

The addition of the AM stations to FM will not impact those stations being broadcast to AM, as both programs will be simulcast to AM and FM.

K2 Radio is now available on 95.1 FM and The Cowboy is available at 101.9 FM bringing the number of stations Townsquare Casper has on FM tuner to a total of six.

In addition to listening on AM and FM, K2 Radio is also available on:

KTWO  is the oldest radio station in Wyoming which was authorized in the summer of 1929 and had a debut broadcast on Jan 2, 1930.

It currently broadcasts a variety of sports content, such as University of Wyoming football and basketball games, as well as programing from Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Dave Ramsey.

The Cowboy meanwhile focuses on broadcasting classic country music, with legends such as Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, and Merle Haggard, rather than broadcasting modern country music.

Townsquare Media Casper is hosting the Casper Chamber of Commerce 'Business After Hours' event to celebrate on February 25th.

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