It's easy to feel comfortable and in command when you're cruising through Grand Teton National Park. Two grizzlies decided to remind drivers who's really the boss as they stopped traffic recently.

Srinivasan Thirupukuzhi shared this sweet video on YouTube. This is how she described what they saw:

We had been tracking these two Grizzlies in the last two days at Grand Teton, Wyoming, on our way to Yellow Stone , they finally decided come out of the bush and put up this great show for us.

Couple thoughts. First of all, the grizzlies are not there to "put up this great show". You're in their territory and they will do what they want when they want. Second thought, these grizzlies are just cubs. That means more than likely the mom grizzly is somewhere nearby and will likely not be happy that you are between her and her cubs.

I guess I also have a third thought. The one cub that keeps standing on its hind legs means it finds you very interesting. That may or may not be a good thing. As Yellowstone Bear World mentions, if you also hear huffing and see the grizzlies ears go back, you're likely to be on the wrong end of a charge. In this case, it's fortunately just a couple of beautiful grizzly cubs in the Grand Tetons reminding everyone who really rules the road.

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