UPDATE: We spoke with Chris Ryan who is Director of Governmental Affairs for the student association, and he assured us that the intention of the group is not to replace the American flag in the pasture in June, but to find an appropriate place to fly or hang the gay pride flag during Pride Month.

He admitted the resolution is vague, but will be clarified and again, is not intended to remove or to have any other flag flown above the American flag.


There’s a brewing controversy over a piece of ground at the University of Wyoming known as Prexy’s Pasture.

Prexy's Pasture is an open area in the middle of the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie.  A popular area for students, it is home to various summer events.

On the first day of the Spring Semester, someone apparently tied down the American flag that flies there, and put up a gay pride rainbow flag to fly in its place.

Campus police say the person responsible has not been identified.

Since then, the Associated Students of the University of Wyoming have proposed a resolution to fly the pride flag during the month of June, designated Gay Pride Month.

The first reading on the resolution will take place at the ASUW meeting Tuesday.

It is not known if the proposal is to fly the flag instead of the US flag, above it, below it or on a separate pole. The resolution itself is vague on that point.

We have contacted the group to get some clarity. We’ll let you know when they respond.

Other groups opposed to the resolution are expected to attend Tuesday's meeting as well.

Here is a link to the full wording of the resolution itself.

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