Prepare yourself to be amazed by one of the coolest fort creations you will ever lay eyes on!

Be warned that after seeing this video you may experience urges to go to the garage and go to work on a fort of your own. Your own little escape from the modern world. And I for one, wouldn't blame you one bit.

Okay now that we have gotten to see the video, HOW FREAKING COOL WAS THAT? I mean with the fog machine and then seeing your best bud inside waiting for you with a cold one? I promise you that my friends and family wouldn't see me for weeks if I went in.

Something you may not have noticed in the video is the UW helmet in between the two TVs. So obviously this fort is where they watch all of their UW sporting events.

Whoever these guys are they have all of my admiration for putting in the work to create something so cool and of course, Go COWBOYS!

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