Video of a woman vacuuming a sidewalk went viral recently. After some investigating, it became obvious that she wasn't crazy, but actually had a good reason for what she was doing.

Before I reveal the reason why, check out the original video shared by Brandon Tatro on Facebook.

Fox News shared the story and found out that the woman in the video had a good reason for vacuuming the sidewalk. Her name is Cathy Rodriguez and Fox News learned that her vehicle had been run into by a drunk driver a week prior to this video. She feared neighborhood kids stepping on glass from her shattered windows and was trying to ensure no one would be injured by the aftermath.

What initially looked like a very eclectic Washington state lady now makes a lot more sense. Just goes to show you that you really can't judge a book by its cover. This lady was doing a good deed while much of the internet laughed at her.

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