***Warning: Graphic Language***

Time and time again we hear stories of unruly guests in Yellowstone and many times it's the visitors pets that cause the issue. Everyone that visits the nation's first National Park are excited, many plan and save for years before they actually get the chance to get there.

For some leaving their pet at home would not even be considered. Pets are a major part of many families and for some they're another family member. If you're not going to leave them at home, it's a really good idea to make sure they are secured and don't have the opportunity to harass the wildlife.

In this video, it's your typical Bison Jam in the park and the wait is a little more than this Pit Bull can handle. I've watched this video over 100 times and still am not sure if "Richard" is the woman in the video's dog or husband, BUT for the excitement factor I've decided "Richard" is the tan Pit that has been in the car for far too long.

Richard bolts out of the car and heads right toward the bison. It doesn't take long before Richard realizes that is was NOT a good idea to leave the comforts of the vehicle. I'm not sure if there is any way for a dog to be held out of the game for concussion protocol like football players, but knowing the strength and power of the American Bison...Richard was seeing little dancing Kibble & Bits floating around his head. The language is strong, but I'd suggest muting your speakers if you're offended by language and watch this video so you know why your dog needs to be secured or left at home.

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