I think we can all agree that us Wyoming people have a unique way of responding to things. That definitely includes this cowboy who got a little too excited about seeing a tornado in front of his home. Make that WAY too excited about the twister he sees.

According to the description, this was the tornado that happened near Hillsdale, Wyoming on August 9. I'm wondering if they have the date right because I could have sworn that tornado happened on August 11. That's what the National Weather Service said, too.

The date isn't important. It's the Wyoming guy's response to the vortex in front of him. After his wife/girlfriend/sister (truth is I don't know who she is) points out the tornado, he responds..."That's a tornado! Good job, babe!" OK, probably not sister, but I digress. NOTE: some of his talk is a little saucy and NSFW. Here are some other highlights of this guy:

That is the vintage Wyoming response to a big storm/tornado/big pronghorn. Wouldn't have it any other way.