I have a theory. It may be more like a dream. I believe that someday In-N-Out Burger will end up in Casper and I think I can prove it with science.

Before I get to the reasons why I believe In-N-Out Burger will end up in our backyard, here's a little history. In case you're not up on your burger knowledge, In-N-Out started out in California in 1948. You can check Wikipedia for proof of this. They remained primarily a California burger joint for decades. But, that's started to change and I believe we're now in their sights.

If you look at a map made by a genius Reddit user, you'll notice that In-N-Out has expanded beyond California and is now available in Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. Note: this map was made a few years ago and doesn't reflect even more locations that are now out there.

u/xxxMapLockxxx via Reddit
u/xxxMapLockxxx via Reddit

But, it gets better. In-N-Out has said they're planning to expand to Colorado and Idaho. Plus, they just opened a new location near Portland, Oregon. Add those locations to the In-N-Out map and you see that the next state for them to invade is...WYOMING. Ding! We have a winner!

It makes perfect sense if you think about it. We have plenty of cattle and a need for burgers. Therefore, by science I can state that we are a perfect match for In-N-Out Burger. This may sound a little needy, but I truly believe it will happen - someday.

What say you? Would you do just about anything for a nearby In-N-Out Burger? There is strength in numbers.

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