Growing up our iced tea was instant, and just the thought of instant tea makes me want to puke. As our family developed a little, mom learned the trick of brewing refreshing iced tea and the rest is history. All of our family loves it, but none of us can make it like ma.

I know, everyone can boil water and throw a couple tea bags in to make a great glass of tea. Just like everything else, you mothers is better than the rest.

When it comes to tea, I really like the iced version. A perfect treat on a hot Wyoming summer day. I'm not a 'sweet tea' drinker and don't add any other additives, I like my tea like I like my coffee, strong and tasty.

I used to do like many people and boil water on the stove, then add tea bags and let them sit and steep. These days I don't have time to fill a  pan and wait, so I bought an electric tea kettle. The kettle boils water in a matter of 5 minutes, my tea is ready to ice down and be refreshed. Other than that I don't have a process and have never been able to make tea like mom and she won't give me her secret. I assume she'll say something like:

My tea is made with love, and there's no love like a mothers love.

Seems goofy to me too, but it may be true. I can't make it like her.

There are other folks that have decided to go on the internet and explain how they make their tea. One of those I found was the legendary Uncle Si of Duck Dynasty fame.

If you watched the show or follow them on social media, on thing you can always count on is Uncle Si carrying around his blue tea jug.

After watching the video on Instagram, he reveals he drinks almost two gallons of iced tea per day. That means he makes tea multiple times every day.

One thing he does differently that my mom...he uses the microwave and in 6 minutes his tea is ready to steep and a couple minutes later, he pours it into the legendary Si cup.

I found the video on YouTube and wanted to share it with you. It's legendary...right?

Is Uncle Si's tea like the iced tea you make at home?

Here are a few other videos of people brave enough to share their philosophy of tea making.

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