Owning a gun in Wyoming is like owning a good pair of boots, most everyone has them and if you don't, you should get them. One of the biggest and best parts for many parents in Wyoming is gifting your child a gun. May be for Christmas, good grades or in some cases their actually day of birth or before.

gun at birth

I remember going hunting with my dad when I could barely hold up the .410 by myself, somewhere around 4 or 5 years old. My dad My first gun was a bb gun a couple years later, my Grandpa gave me a .22 when I was 12 and my dad gave me a 20 gauge not long after that. Guns and hunting is something we've always had in common and taken very seriously in my family. I would say most of you take it very seriously too.

There is no doubt that the US is the #1 gun owning country in the world with an estimated 350 million guns. (The U.S. population...333,633,063) The population of Montana and Wyoming is so low that according to a recent survey 66.3% of Montana adults and 66.2% of Wyoming adults own guns. That's just a survey on adults, I'm sure if you added youngsters that have a hunting rifle or shotgun, the percentage is even higher. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

With so many having guns, I wondered when the perfect age to gift a gun to your child was. After polling our listeners, I wasn't surprised to see that we were all on the same page...The sooner, the better, but teaching safety and responsibility along the way. Start them with a good learning gun, then up their gun game every couple years.

If you're thinking of buying your little guy or girl their first gun this year, here's some information I collected from Wyomingites.

A kid in Wyoming (on average) receives their first gun between birth and 10 years old.

Most popular first gun is a .22

Owning a gun comes with great responsibility and safety is the #1 priority.

The Holiday season is coming and a perfect time to think about giving your child the gift that will impact them for the rest of their life by

1. Teaching them responsibility

2. Giving you something that you will always have in common

3. Teaching them how to provide food for them and their family

4. Giving them another resource for safety

When gifting a gun, there are a few questions you want to ask yourself. The NSSF has answers to some of those questions.

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