We're not too far off from the snow starting to fly and snowmobiles starting to come out of their summer hiding spots. This will be my first winter in Wyoming and I'm starting to look into what I need to do to get ready.

While checking out videos on YouTube, I came across this video just posted by SpaZzZaholiC. Seems as though the Bison in Wyoming don't seem to care what season it is, they love to cause a nice Bison Jam! To rub it in the face of this group of snowmobilers and other on coming traffic, they're just jumping in the snow drifts and rolling around and making 'bison snow angels'.

One thing I know for sure is that it's a bison's world and we're just living in it, especially on their home turf. They know there isn't much that can/will/want to mess with these larger than life creatures.

If I were out tooling around on a snowmobile with just a helmet and a puffy snowsuit between me and a 1500 pound bison, I'd be just fine with waiting for them to get tuckered out and move on.

If you'd like to have a chance at an experience like this, don't forget that until the end of the month, Yellowstone has their snowmobiling lottery going on. If you enter and get picked, you could spend the day in America's first and most popular National Park scooting around on a snowmobile.

Even though it will be winter time when the snowmobiles come out, the rules are still the same when it comes to proximity of you and the bison...25 yards should be the max.

Be safe, be careful and get out there and have some fun!!

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