The wildlife game in Wyoming is strong and sometime we forget how magnificent it is. It's rare for us to be able to head out and spend time just watching wild life, but with the options on the internet, like YouTube, a quick 10 minute break from our normal daily life can send us into the outdoors.

Watching videos of wildlife is fascinating. They don't know you're there and you can see how they go about their normal business. In the winter when snow is one the ground and most leaves are off the trees, you wonder how an animal the  size of a moose can feed enough to continue to live.

According to Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris, during the summer a moose will eat nearly 40 pounds of food a day. During the winter though, their metabolism slows and they'll eat 20 pounds a day.

The moose will eat over 250 different types of plants, but during the wintertime the meal choices for the moose are willow and fur trees. It's remarkable how these animals know how to adapt for the changing seasons.

A photographer named Ariel from Ariel Celeste Photography is living in her tiny house, that she has named 'FyNyth', in Northwest Wyoming spending her days photographing wildlife that roam the mountains.

Living amongst the wildlife, Ariel has the opportunity to photograph and video many spectacular moments. One of those moments was when a family of moose came around looking for a winter snack. Watching the video gives you the idea that for a moose to be able to eat 20 pounds per day, they are eating constantly.

Take a break and enjoy the moose.

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