2020 saw record gun and ammo sales throughout Wyoming and the rest of the country. If you've gone to your favorite store to buy ammo, you know that this surge in buying caused a major ammo shortage and a huge spike in the price.

During the crazy year of 2020, one of the largest ammo suppliers in the country 'Remington', had to file for bankruptcy, but now....THEY'RE BAAAAAAAACK! Investors at Vista Outdoors stepped in and helped bring the company known as "Big Green" back. The company has promised to help get the shelves restocked as soon as possible. They have hired more than 4,000 employees at their ammo facility in Lonoke, Arkansas so that ammunition can be produced 7 days a week and resupply the ammo shelves all throughout Wyoming!

The number of guns purchased in 2020 was an amazing 18,924,584, which is over 6 million more than 2019. The US has never seen an increase in sales that size in history and the F.B.I. said there were nearly 4 million background checks completed in March of 2020 alone and a total of 39.7million for the year. In Wyoming we love our guns, 2020 saw 1 firearm sold for every 11.1 people with nearly 20,000 more guns sold. Another interesting fact, for every McDonald's restaurant in Wyoming...there are 16.75 gun dealers in the state!! LOVE IT!

When you have gun buying surge like we've seen over the last couple years, the ammo sales are going to surge too. If you think about everyone that purchased a gun also purchasing 1 box of ammo with 50 rounds, that's nearly 1BILLION rounds of ammo.

Slowly but surely companies like Remington are working to get the shelves stocked again.

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