An 18-year-old experienced a series of unfortunate events on Monday night, near CY Avenue in Casper.

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That's according to Lieutenant Scott Jones with the Casper Police Department.

"For reasons unknown, this guy was [driving] at a high rate of speed, westbound on CY Avenue," Lieutenant Jones told K2 Radio News. "He's an 18-year-old male and he left the roadway, collided with some trailers in front of Tractor Supply Co., then left his vehicle, and wandered onto the highway where he was hit by a person who was minding their own business."

Lieutenant Jones said that the driver of the vehicle was not at fault, nor were they under any influence. Additionally, Lieutenant Jones said, the 18-year-old was also not under the influence of any substances.

"I have no reason to believe he was," Lieutenant Jones stated. "Again, this was for reasons unknown. He wrecked his car, got out, started walking, walked down to the highway, and then was struck by somebody. That person wasn't speeding. They were not violating any law. They were just driving down the road and, unfortunately, they were there when he stepped into the lane of traffic. And the young guy was struck."

Lieutenant Jones said that the 18-year-old did have "pretty extensive injuries" as a result of these events.

K2 Radio News will update this story with any additional information as it becomes available.

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